Spin Cycle

Our shop is a small but dense collection of used vinyl, select new LPs, classic and modern video games and consoles, mad cheap cassette tapes and tons and tons of DVDs.

Best of all we strive to pay THE BEST in cash or store credit for stuff you're ready to release back into the world.

Come give us a try, and spread the word when we win you over.






Established in 2011. The owner's collection got out of control so instead of renting a bigger apartment he rented a store front on beautiful, eclectic Broadway on Capitol Hill. His collecting habit hasn't gotten.... better.

At Spin Cycle, the array is pretty crazy; you'll find Madlib across from Mastodon LPs, Fleetwood Mac a row from Mac Demarco, NES, GBA and N64 carts next to their controllers. Rows of modern games and consoles right up to PS4, Switch, and XboxOne. Movies in DVD and Blu-Ray. Record genres spanning from soul to elecrtonica, from punk to country, this week's new releases and dusty Blue Note jazz, 1st press classics to local, independent releases.


Spin Cycle carries new and used vinyl. We source new records from indie distributors as often as possible. This means your money and appreciation goes straight to the source whenever possible.

Used stuff in the store is bought from you. We pay well in cash and even more in trade / store credit. In terms of buying, we try very hard to be consistent and fair, if not simply pay the most in town. All items are priced individually - no bulk buying - and pay a flat percentage of what we will sell them for; the last thing we want is for you to come in and see your 1st press Joy Division on our wall for 1000% of what we paid. You'll tell your friends and we'll all feel terrible. Nobody needs that.

So yeah, stop by



We have events that include live music, album release parties, and other random fun. Our Calender will have all our up coming events on it. If you have any questions or ideas for something cool to do with us let us know!